Integrated Energy Therapy Classes in Winchester, VA

Integrated Energy Therapy® is a cutting edge system of energy classes that empowers you to provide a therapeutic session from your very first Basic Class. All 3 levels include unique and powerful DNA-charging attunements to expand and refine your ability to send, receive and connect to high vibration Angelic healing energy.

Basic and Intermediate Level techniques remove old patterns stored as cellular memory and instill high frequency healing energy vibrations.

Advanced Level invokes your 8th Chakra, the blue print of your soul, to live the life of your dreams! Learn to heal yourself, your circle of family, pets, clients and the Earth. Learn IET and follow your dreams to experience pure joy!

Spring 2024 IET Offerings

Connect with the Healing Angels and open your eyes to the heartfelt world of energy healing! Integrated Energy Series, an ethereal yet accessible series of classes, guides you to clear blockages from past experiences. IET Advanced Level empowers you to envision, embrace, and manifest the life of your dreams! Dare to dream energetically and engage your life of pure joy.

Basic Level IET

8 hours @ $250.00

Intermediate Level IET

8 hours 30 minutes @ $250.00

Advanced Level IET

8 hours 30 minutes @ $250.00

Save $100 when you book all 3 levels! Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced for $650! 

IET Reviewer all 3 levels: $200.00

"IET therapy gave me a sense of belonging I haven't felt in a long time. We were all women of the same "ancient cloth" We all had our own reasons for being there learning the art of Integrated Energy Therapy. I am forever grateful to have this teaching instilled in me , to apply this practice, to help myself and  others find alignment and inner healing."

Robin K

Classes can be taken individually but must be taken in order.

Comprehensive illustrated manuals are provided for each class.

Students receive certification upon completion.

IET Mottos: Learn IET and get the issues out of your tissues for good! Reach for the stars and evolve into your future!

Janice Williams, IET Master Instructor, LMT, RMT, CYT300

Basic Level

Attune to the Basic IET energy ray to activate the 1st and 2nd DNA pairs to empower you to clear cellular memory blocks while instilling higher angelic vibrations.

Learn the fundamentals of Energy Therapy.

IET attunements activate your palm chakras to send and receive energy.

Locate and use the IET Energy Integration Power Points to send energetic Angelic upgrades.

Learn unique IET Energy Anatomy and the IET Cellular Memory Map.

Increase in your ability to intuit and “read” energy.

Receive instructions for Remote Healing.

Give and receive a Basic IET Healing session.

All three levels : $650

Intermediate Level

Attune to Intermediate IET energy ray that will activate the 3rd and 4th DNA pairs and will empower you to pull blockages and energy imprints out of the human energy field and instill higher vibrations.

Clear Energy imprints resulting from past life karma.

Interpret the blockages in the human energy field.

Increase your ability to use your IET connection to Angelic Energy.

Learn many self-healing techniques.

Give and receive and intermediate IET healing session.

$250 Individual Class

Advanced Level

Attune to Advanced IET energy ray that will unlock the 5th and 6th DNA pairs and activate the energy of your Souls Purpose.
Access your 8th Chakra, your Soul star Blue print.
Gain the ability to do a Soul Star clearing to manifest your Soul’s Purpose.
Use of the Heartnet process to manifest your dreams.
Clear resistance with the powerful SoulStar Energy Wave Technique.
Build Heartbeams to anchor angelic energy into the Earth.
Learn many IET self-healing techniques.

Give and receive and Advanced IET Ssssion.

Reviewer: $200 / all 3

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