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Energy Therapy for People in Recovery

Embarking on the journey of being free of addiction is often unnerving, unsettling and can be fear inducing. Energy Healing can restore well being that supports a person in recovery with cleared and restored energy to counteract these discomforts often experienced. 

"We are so fortunate to have Janice as a member of our talented team providing holistic and integrative treatment to our clients recovering from addiction. As an extraordinary Reiki Master, Janice demonstrates her gift of healing in her gentle and passionate approach towards expanding our client’s appreciation for energy work. Her empathetic and intuitive talents enhance our clients’ healing journey, and they universally report reductions in stress, withdrawal symptoms, and cravings while experiencing emotional balancing and restored calm. Janice is a truly wonderful complement to our holistic therapeutic approach. Thanks again for all you do for our clients!"

Pam Reiman

Executive Director
Bridging the Gaps, Inc.
31 S. Braddock Street
Winchester, VA 22601-3812

How Can Energy Healing help with Recovery from Addictions?

Alcohol Abuse Disorder, and Substance Abuse Disorder when addressed can have an acute or protracted withdrawal time. 

Protracted withdrawal symptoms can include anxiety, depression, fatigue, and the emergence of issues that self medication was repressing. Embarking on the journey of being free of addiction is often unnerving, unsettling and can be fear inducing. Energy Healing can restore well being that supports a person in recovery with cleared and restored energy to counteract these discomforts  often experienced. When a person becomes drug and /or alcohol free, underlying imbalances come forward to be remedied. Energy Healing is gentle but can be very powerful in overcoming discomfort in not only physical realms, but heal in the emotional, mental and spiritual realms.

Energy Healing for Recovery Package

12 Sessions in 12 Weeks

The support of Shenandoah Spirit energy healing techniques and connection is designed to be foundational for anyone new to recovery from addictions. The assurance that 12 weekly sessions are in place is not only powerfully therapeutic in practice but also is a guarantee of weekly support and positive interaction. The first 90 days of recovery is indeed a crucial time for change to be weathered. Energy stabilization is key for balance and comfort in the sensitive first months to provide a foundation for healthy living.

Removal of alcohol, legal or illegal drugs from a person who has been in dependency causes a cascade of symptoms that energy healing naturally reorders. By activating your natural healing capabilities, energy healing gives your body the power to stabilize common symptoms experienced, which include anxiety, restlessness, depression, sleeplessness, the fallout from physical detox, physical and emotional pain, mental unrest, and deep-seated fear. Energy healing can get to the root cause of addictions; in addition to promoting the healing process once initialized, it can address the underlying causes of addictive behavior.

In early recovery, local changes in your energy body result in global changes in your life.

Since energy healing can optimize and balance the levels of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual conditions as they present during our session, each session imprints new, healthier energy patterns and creates new neural pathways over time.  The wisdom of your body’s energy system makes these changes perfect and unique for you- naturally positive and restorative for the highest well-being possible.

NOTE: new clients for the 12-week plan must have completed a physical detox time of 2 weeks. Detoxing from drug and alcohol dependence is initially best completed under medical supervision.

Investment: 12 Sessions in 12 Weeks $1440

Words from clients...

I have been most blessed to be a recipient of Janice’s beautiful energetic healing treatments. Her treatments offered both face- to- face and remotely, have optimized my physical, emotional, and mental well-being. 

She has offered me pre and post- surgical treatments to amplify my energetic fields pre-op, clearing of anesthesia post-op, and restorative treatments to augment the continual process of recovery. When I was hospitalized with COVID, her energy treatment offering was the catalyst that literally restored vitality to my fully depleted immune system.  She also has offered many incremental energetic attunements that enhance and sustain my optimal over-all functioning.  Janice also has offered several Healing Touch© treatments to my animals, ranging from expediting the healing of injuries, augmenting the healing of systemic issues, pre and post-surgical assistance, to end of life comfort measures. 

I have also had the honor of both studying and continuing to develop integrative energy practices with Janice over the past 13 years. These practices have significantly augmented the mental health services I offer to both individuals and families as a trauma and addictions therapist.   

As it states on this Shenandoah Spirit site “Energy is Your Medicine”, so schedule a session today with Janice to experience the energetic healing power of “your medicine”.

– Heidi O’Toole

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