Energy Therapy with Janice Williams in Winchester, VA

It is my deep belief that your energy has a healing intelligence that is activated in a session for healing to proceed on all levels. Mindful of your healing intention, you can expect me to work with what is presented that day, with no preconceived agenda. I have many techniques at hand and will connect, sense and “listen” to remove blockages, allowing your energy to move freely from contraction to expansive relaxation and relief. You can be reassured that as Licensed Massage Therapist I am legally certified to use physical touch in our sessions. I work with a light touch on or off the body to promote well being through balancing of chakras and fields. Relief from everyday stressors and even long term issues are available via energy therapy.

A closer look at what energy therapy can do for you...

  •  Deep and pleasant relaxation.
  •  Naturally restorative.
  •  Relieves physical pain and discomfort.
  •  Detoxes from addictions, metal poisoning, anesthesia   and chemotherapy.
  •  Enhances lymph flow for improved immunity.
  •  Provides faster, optimized healing from surgery.
  •  Releases stress.
  •  Relieves emotional overload or burnout.
  •  Relieves anxiety.
  •  Relieves mental burnout.
  •  Gives improved outlook.
  •  Perfect compliment to medical and psychological   treatments.

Investment: Energy Healing $135 for 90 minutes

Packages: THREE 90 minutes sessions for $365

FAQs About Energy Healing

Explore our FAQs section where we address your curiosities and concerns about energy healing. From understanding the basics to delving deeper into the process, we aim to provide you with insightful and concise answers to facilitate your healing journey.

Energy Healing is a natural way to enter the world of your mind- body connection and promote health in both spheres. Does your mind overrun your body and your monopolize your day? If you are mired in the stressful activity of repetitive thoughts that have no action or no real purpose, energy healing is for you! The energy healing system can eliminate overactive thinking patterns and align you with a more stress-less path.

Suppose you are experiencing emotional overload or burn out. In that case, energy healing will supply you with a reset that can bolster healthy emotional levels and relieve emotional stress.

Are you experiencing pain and discomfort in your body? Energy healing can unblock the hindrances to your energy flow, so areas that are not getting enough energy will be well supplied. This can result in pain free living, even with chronic issues. Energy Healing has some great techniques for physical pain relief as well as reduction of mental tension.

Energy Healing can also work internally at the level of your organs to improve functionality and flow. If there is a block in your energy fields, it will eventually show up in the physical body if not addressed. This is a prime cause of illness.

At Shenandoah Spirit clients are supported in their process of energy balancing for healthy lifestyles, for migraine relief, chronic pain relief, and connect with me for help in recovery from surgery, addictions and trauma.

We do not usually think of our bodies in terms of physics, but the physics of energy and matter being different codes for the same thing applies here. In other words, basic principals of physics hold that matter, or our bodies, are made of energy matrixes that have a tone and a flow that is necessary for good health, for physical integrity.

A physical injury translates into discomfort, if it creates a leak or disruption in your energy flow. Restoring proper flow of life force can heal, repair and speed recovery of injury.

If your energy field is distorted, from mental or emotional pressures or even distorted from the force of movement in an accident, that disturbance can play out on a physical level.

Any disruption in the body will disrupt your energy fields, and vice versa. They are seamlessly related.

Remember a disruption in your energy flow can be likened to an unstable electronic connection, where energy is not consistent and fails to supply power.

My Shenandoah Spirit office has a quiet, supportive and relaxing environment. Sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes which gives ample time for treatment and discussion before and after. If a client does not have a healing intention, or does not wish to be specific in why they have come to see me, I am happy to work with what I find to improve energy flow on all levels. Through my consistent practice and study I am able to draw from chakra balancing, detoxing and clearing techniques, and I practice and teach Integrated Energy Therapy’s® special format of clearing blockages and integrating that energy through the body’s empowerment centers. I also have at hand cranial sacral techniques to release tension in the head and activate the relaxing qualities of the central nervous system.

As an experienced practitioner I can feel where energy is under supplied and areas of energetic surplus. Neither condition is healthy and both situations can be addressed. Through my attention and connection, a clients energy fields will naturally respond and achieve balance in the most appropriate way, at the time.

At Shenandoah Spirit, I acknowledge the concept of Healing without Feeling, a component of some sessions in which large blocks of disjointed energy can be removed or freed up without the client having to re-experience the situation that caused their energy to contract and go offline. Energy healing can evoke the energy that blockages are formed around, sometimes clients experience emotional release as a function of healing. Healing Without Feeling gives a quantum leap in the mental, emotional and physical well being of someone who has carried energy blockages. When the unavailable energy is integrated back into the energy system, there is great relief and upgraded connection with life!

A person’s life force has a high intelligence, healing is its purpose, and energy moves where it is needed, free it up and instantly it will know where to go. At Shenandoah Spirit I work with healing as the intention and have no agenda other than the highest healing in accordance with my client’s concerns. The client is always in charge and the session is conducted with respect to that concept.


Energy Healing is the go-to for anxiety and stress related conditions. Energy Healing is a wonderful and powerful resource for relief from trauma, as a pathway to behavioral changes and recovery from surgery and cancer treatments.

Energy Healing can detox from chemotherapy, heavy metal poisoning and alcohol/ drug addictions.

Energy healing is perfect for everyone who wants to be in tune with themselves, who recognizes the need to tune up their energy system. Our energetic wires can get a build up much like a car battery cable and cleaning them off is very important! Regular energy healing sessions can keep away the blues of over extension resulting from the stresses of the day.

Alcohol Abuse Disorder, and Substance Abuse Disorder when addressed can have an acute or protracted withdrawal time. Protracted withdrawal symptoms can include anxiety, depression, fatigue, and the emergence of issues that self medication was repressing. Embarking on the journey of being free of addiction is often unnerving, unsettling and can be fear inducing. Energy Healing can restore well being that supports a person in recovery with cleared and restored energy to counteract these discomforts often experienced. When a person becomes drug and /or alcohol free, underlying imbalances come forward to be remedied. Energy Healing is gentle but can be very powerful in overcoming discomfort in not only physical realms, but heal in the emotional, mental and spiritual realms.

Energy Healing takes over where surgical intervention leaves off, can begin to establish proper energy flow to the whole body and support any areas that have been surgically addressed. Unlike surgery which is necessarily invasive, energy healing proceeds in a soothing, relaxing and non invasive way.

Energy Healing can really shine in this area, healing from surgery is often remarkable: less pain, less medication and faster recovery time.

Energy Healing can detox the body from anesthesia, which will be present after surgery and can be difficult for the body to eliminate.
The healing power of the body is amplified as channels are cleared and energy centers are revitalized.

Since the body often holds physical memories of trauma that the mind has suppressed, energy healing often gets at emotional and psychological issues that can’t be accessed in traditional talk therapy. Energy healing can work with the unconscious mind to release imprints from the impact of trauma. When medical or holistic interventions don’t bring about wellness, energy healing can be a major force for resolution. Many psychologists say if traumatic imprints are still in the body they will cause unrest and dis-ease. Trauma results in blockages in the body that can be released in energy work, often without having to be re-lived, in the case of Healing Without Feeling. The energy of trauma is stored in physical tissue and in imprints in the body’s energy fields. It will stay until it can be acknowledged and released.

Animals respond very well to energy healing. All animals relax and receive the experience. Like people, our animals are subject to energetic imbalances. Injury, surgery, illness and emotional pressures will impact them very strongly but can be balanced and relieved for them very nicely. Animals take on our emotions, they are here to help us and will share our burdens. Any animal who has suffered abuse needs energy healing so he or she can be free to trust again. I have worked on all manner of animals and they are truly all my first love!

Soul Empowerment Sessions

Envision your perfect life and clear the way to manifest your hearts desire with this session that is unique to Integrated Energy Therapy®. Your soul speaks to you through your hopes, wishes and dreams. Remove limitations and go a step further, free to align with your souls purpose. Imagine a life that brings you joy and be ready to activate it!

Investment: $135 for 90 Minute Session

Skip the Trip

I offer remote energy therapy sessions, too!

Remote Energy Therapy is effective, convenient and social distancing friendly. Scheduling is very flexible and can be outside of normal office hours.

A remote healing treatment works in a similar way as an in-person healing session, easy as 1-2-3!

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