Energy Therapy for Animals in Winchester, VA

At Shenandoah Spirit Energy Healing, we extend our gentle and nurturing energy therapy sessions to your beloved animal companions, both remotely and in person. Choose the approach that suits your needs, and witness the transformative power of energy therapy for animals.

Thank you so much for doing a remote energy session on Lily for me last night. As you know, I've been trying to trap the wily, escape artist Lily for the last 3 years to get her fixed and get her a rabies vaccine with absolutely no luck at all. This morning, though, she was quite docile and let me put her into a cat carrier! Unbelievable! This cat is as feral as they come and I had pretty much given up hope that I could stop her having multiple litters of kittens every year but the energy work did the trick. I can't thank you enough. I'll be calling soon to set up a session for myself as well. Thanks again!

Andrea K

Energy Therapy for Your Pets

On Site and Remote Sessions are equally effective as healing treatments. Both kinds of sessions are extremely gentle and non invasive. I work with animals not only in person, within traveling distance, but also work across the country to assist with such issues as anxiety relief, pain relief, behavioral issues, relieve trauma, and give ACL injury therapy.

Energy Therapy can help speed your animal friend’s recovery from surgery, resulting in superior outcomes, and can also help make end-of-life transitions comfortable.

Investment: $100 for 90 minutes in person or remote. 

Skip the Trip

I offer remote sessions too!

Energy Therapy’s connection to you or your animal friend is immediate, transcending limits of time zones and distance. While being together and connecting in person is great, it is unnecessary.

In an in-person session, much of the work is done with hands off the body. This is the same thing only not in the same room- an experienced practitioner can feel what is going on with the client and provide effective help.

Many times distance sessions are more convenient, the client may be ill and not able to travel, or just live too far away to come to the office. For animals this is ideal, and in my studies in Healing Touch for Animals this is specifically addressed, as in all disciplines of Energy Therapy for people I have studied and practiced. I always work on people and animals in different areas of the country.

Remote healing can also be used as a follow up after an office session if the client needs additional support.

“Janice Williams has worked with each of our six dogs and they are more calm and have become accepting of one another. She has helped some of them with their recovery from anesthesia, some recover from old injuries and has helped all them become grounded. I have recommended to her to everyone I know with a pet…that is how much I believe in her abilities.”

L. Carper

How Remote Healing Works

Meet Buddy

Buddy lives 30 miles away but he skipped the trip, receiving healing in the comfort of his home. He saved his Mom the travel time! Buddy gets to sit on his Mom’s lap as he receives Remote Energy Therapy for sporadic seizures. See him relaxed on the floor after a session, resting as his optimized energy naturally rebalances. Buddy has had no recurrences after 3 sessions and stays busy monitoring his 4 cats.

Friends of Shenandoah Spirit

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