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Energy Healing is Your Medicine

Guiding you with compassion and expertise. Providing tailored energy healing sessions to nurture your mind, body, and spirit, empowering you to embrace healing and find balance in every step of your wellness journey.

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“Janice’s Energy healing ability is extraordinary. When I am feeling off balance, she is able to move out what needs to go with grace and ease. The most powerful part-no discussion is necessary. No need to relive old pain or hurts; just the freedom that comes from unblocking the body and mind. With a perfect balance of grounding presence and powerful divine energy, I always feel much more relaxed and free after sessions with Janice. I highly recommend her work.”

How Can I Help?

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Energy Healing

Experience your body’s innate healing abilities and begin a replenishing journey with Energy Healing. Diving deep into the root causes of ailments and imbalances provides a comprehensive approach to restoring health and harmony from within.

Energy Healing for Recovery

Recovery from surgery is faster and better with Energy Healing support. Engage in Energy Healing 12 sessions in 12 weeks to substantially promote recovery from addictions

Energy Healing Classes

Energy Healing is easy to learn. Channel energy to heal yourself and your circle- family, friends and pets.

Animal Energy Healing

All animals respond well to energy healing. Give your pets and animal friends the help for health they deserve!

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Are you ready to pick up where traditional medicine leaves off, and find vibrant health in recovery?

Tap into your undercurrent of health waiting to flow forth into your life

You will be gently guided to harness your natural capacity for wholeness through energy work and support

Let’s work together to tap into your innate potential for well-being so you can start living your best life.

“As a clinical psychologist I often referred my clients to her for fast, effective, deep treatment benefits unavailable by traditional approaches in psychotherapy and medicine. From personal experience, Janice has been my go-to person during inevitable life challenges whether emotionally or physically based. Recently I injured my back severely, couldn’t get an appointment on a timely basis with my doctor and called Janice for a remote session. While I slept at my home, she performed her work and I woke completely pain free and able to resume normal activities. Non-invasive, medication free, gentle, compassionate care with outstanding outcomes are the hallmarks that distinguish Janice‘s work and I’m pleased to give her my highest, unqualified recommendation."
D. Bauserman

Activate Your Healing Potential

Your journey with Shenandoah Spirit is tailored to your individual recovery needs. 


From Addictions

  • 12-Week Plan Eases Transition
  • Reduce your Cravings and Compulsions
  • Balance your Mental and Emotional Excesses and Depletions
  • Find the True You!

From Trauma

  • Dispel Pain from the Past in Deep Relaxation
  • Dissolve Blockages to Freedom and Ease
  • Feel the Joy of the Present Moment
  • Defuse Trauma, Infuse Healing

From Surgery

  • Detox from Anesthesia
  • Faster Healing Times
  • Less Medications Post Surgery
  • Better Outcomes

Hi There! I'm Janice.

Hello, I’m Janice Williams. My life-changing encounter with energy healing in 2003 ignited a passionate journey into various healing modalities. With over a decade of expertise in addiction recovery, I offer transformative energy healing sessions in Winchester, VA, and remotely for humans AND animals. Dive deeper into my story and credentials…

Let’s Work Together to Get Your Vibrant Health Flowing

How to Get Started

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Allow the Healing to Flow Into Your Body

I'm excited to get to know you, and help you on your healing journey. Where your attention goes, energy flows. Let's get your energy moving in the right direction.

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